GoodMoon Celebrates the Autumn Moon Festival Saturday, September 22, at Lan Su Chinese Garden

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Most cultures have a harvest festival, and China is no exception. The Autumn Moon Festival is an important holiday in China that dates back to ancient times. Traditionally, it takes place on the fifteenth day of the eight month of the lunar calendar, which is often on or close to the autumnal equinox or “Harvest Moon,” when the moon appears at its fullest.

Mooncakes, the round sweet cakes filled a variety of ingredients, including red bean paste, seeds, nuts and dried fruits, are an important part of celebrating the Autumn Moon Festival.

When Sarah Wang decided to create her own version of the traditional holiday treat, she turned to her grandmother's recipe and many wonderful memories of making mooncakes as a little girl. Her grandmother's big yard included an underground cellar for storing food, and an outdoor brick oven, where she baked the mooncakes. The smoke from the straw and wood chips that her grandmother used to start the fire was how Sarah knew the delicious mooncakes would soon be ready. Now a mother herself, Sarah has created a more healthful version of this important part of her culture to share with her son and daughter: GoodMoon Adzuki Bean Bars.

In celebration of the Autumn Moon Festival, one of the four most important holidays on the Chinese calendar, Sarah and GoodMoon will be at Lan Su Chinese Garden in downtown Portland on Saturday, September 22. Come enjoy treats from GoodMoon (and a special deal when you sign up for a subscription), cultural performances, vendors and food in the Community Festival Lot outside the garden until 9 PM.

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