Try Our SUNBITES, like cookie, but packed with Nutrition

About Us: GoodMoon was born under a harvest moon in China, where Sarah Wang was celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival with family and friends--and mooncakes, as is the ancient custom. Of the many traditions tied to the festival, the mooncake is perhaps the most cherished. Tens of millions of the cakes, which are linked to the mythical Moon Goddess of Immortality, have been devoured over thousands of years; they are an all-important delicacy anticipated by rejoicing celebrants. Well-acquainted with the mooncakes of her youth in China, Sarah knew they were loaded with sugar. But also that their main ingredient, red bean paste, is protein and nutrient-rich. When she shopped around for low sugar versions for her children, Sarah found they were packed with preservatives. So, with her mother’s recipe as her guide, and a determination to honor the ancient tradition, Sarah set out to make her own healthier mooncake.



New Seasons Market (Portland Metro Locations)

Market of Choice (Belmont, West Linn and Cedar Hills)

Elephants Deli on Corbett (Portland)

Elephants Deli on Meadows (Lake Oswego)
Porter Hotel -Exchange Market

Blend Coffee (Portland)